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Dual Credit Authorization and Compliance

High School Students

Dual Credit Authorization and Compliance

Independent, Out-of-State, 4-year Public Institutions

Map of IBHE Approved Institutions for Dual Credit (pdf)
Please note that Administrative Rules 1009 (pdf) have been updated, effective December 19, 2017.

What is the (110 ILCS 27/) Dual Credit Quality Act?

The Dual Credit Quality Act was enacted to accomplish the following to:

  1. Reduce college costs.
  2. Speed time to degree completion.
  3. Improve the curriculum for high school students and the alignment of the curriculum with college
    and workplace expectations.
  4. Facilitate the transition between high school and college.
  5. Enhance communication between high school and colleges.
  6. Offer opportunities for improving degree attainment for underserved student populations.
    (Source: P.A. 96-194, eff. 1-1-10.)
IBHE Dual Credit Administrative Rules (pdf).

Community Colleges
Illinois Community Colleges have a separate process that is administered by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB). The Illinois Community College Administrative Rules can be found here. Please contact ICCB for assistance at 217-785-0123.

Application Process

Step 1: Complete and Submit the Dual Credit Notification of Activity Form and Dual Credit Site Spreadsheet. Please include all partner high schools (include address and zip code for both forms).
Step 2: Initial Review
  • IBHE will review the Summary of Activity Form and Dual Credit Site Spreadsheet to determine the next steps.
Step 3: Two Options for Approval:
  • After review of the documentation, there are two possible outcomes:

    If the institution has operating authority in the higher education region for planned dual credit activity AND adequate evidence of compliance with the standards is provided, the institution will be granted institutional approval for dual credit within the State of Illinois. For approval, an institution must also submit the IBHE Dual Credit Compliance Form. (pdf) Click on the document name to access. Submit electronically to IBHE at

    If the institution DOES NOT have operating authority within the particular region requested for dual credit, then the institution will need to follow IBHE’s procedures for obtaining operating authority within the State of Illinois. The first step is to attend orientation.

    Follow the links below for more information on orientation, registration, and general FAQs about the approval process:

    Independent Institutions
    Out-of-State Institutions

Step 4: Approval
  • Once operating authority and compliance is confirmed, a letter of approval will be sent. Maintenance of Approval will be determined by submission of the Annual Report (see Step #6). For new operating authority applications within the State of Illinois, approval to operate must be approved by board action from the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
Step 5: Complaint System
  • IBHE has the responsibility and authority to resolve complaints against Illinois institutions. Institutions approved to participate in dual credit activities must provide the online complaint link on the institutional website
Step 6: Annual Report/Maintenance of Approval
  • By June 30th, each institution must report its dual credit activity within the State of Illinois by completing the Annual Report to maintain approval. Maintenance of approval is dependent upon submission of the Annual Report. Annual Report (xlsx). All dual credit activities at the institution must be compiled into one Annual Report. The Annual Report will reflect all dual credit activities for the most recent academic year.
Step 7: Desk Audit
  • Upon receipt of the Annual Report, a desk audit may be conducted to verify evidence of compliance.

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