Created by the General Assembly in 1961, the Illinois Board of Higher Education is the coordinating body for the state's systems of college and universities including: nine public universities on 12 campuses; 39 community colleges on 48 campuses; 104 independent not-for-profit colleges and universities; 15 independent for-profit institutions; and 26 out-of-state institutions. IBHE also oversees 213 private business and vocational schools, along with 79 extension campuses. Private business and vocational schools are privately owned/operated and educate students who have a high school degree or equivalent in preparation for a trade, vocation, or profession.

The IBHE Board is comprised of 16 members, ten of which are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. One member each of a public university governing board and of a private college/university board is appointed by the Governor. Also serving are the chairman of the Illinois Community College Board; the chairman of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission; and two student members. One of the 10 appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate must be a faculty member at an Illinois public university.


New Resource for Educators

University of Illinois Launches Website for Educators Teaching Birth Through 12th Grade Remotely

IBHE names education veteran Ginger Ostro as executive director

IBHE has hired Ginger Ostro as executive director effective Feb. 1. She will lead higher education to a focus on improving college attainment and closing gaps for underrepresented students.

IBHE Board Approves Budget Request

LINCOLN PARK – The Illinois Board of Higher Education has approved a fiscal year 2021 budget that increases funding for direct student support through the Monetary Award Program (MAP) and AIM HIGH, as well as for college and university operations.

Benchmarking Report on Developmental Education

IBHE and ICCB submitted a benchmarking report on developmental education practices, as required by SJR 41 which was adopted in the spring of 2019.

Report on Student Transfer in Illinois

Review the IBHE and ICCB joint report on transfer in Illinois – what’s working and what we’re doing to further support transfer student success.

Thought Paper on Institutional Closure

A State Perspective on Consumer Protection in the Changing Higher Education Landscape: Practical Steps and Recommendations in Cases of Institutional Closure...

Next IBHE Board Meeting

March 17, 2020 1:00 p.m.

Loyola University Chicago

Meeting Cancellation Notice

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